New Study Enrolling Now

Repeat Dosing of Psilocybin in Migraine

Location: West Haven, Connecticut
Funding: Wallace Research Foundation listing: NCT04218539

Major study criteria

  • age 21-65
  • migraine with at least two headache days per week
  • no more than twice weekly triptan use
  • no unstable medical conditions
  • no manic or psychotic disorders
  • no antidepressant medications
  • must have a negative urine drug screen

In a previous study, lasting reductions in migraine were seen after the single administration of psilocybin. In this new study, the effects of a repeated dose are being investigated. Patients with migraine will be randomized to receive zero, one, or two doses of psilocybin over two sessions about one week apart. There are optional wrist actigraphy and headband EEG procedures as well. There is payment for this study, as well as coverage for travel (limitations apply).

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